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I'm somewhere in between a crunchy mom and the mom who's kid got stuck in a gorilla exhibit at the zoo - I'm a whole lot of hot mess, but I have an unhealthy level of perfectionism that shines through. I'm driven by compassion for others and too-high expectations for myself. Fueled by coffee and saved by grace, somehow I'm navigating this thing called life.

In all seriousness - I'm a wife to my best friend and a mother to four children. I have a passion for writing, speaking, and sharing my heart with other women. Journeying through motherhood, marriage, and being a woman in today's world can be lonely and discouraging - I've had seasons of depression, anxiety, being a single mom, postpartum depression and anxiety, and struggling with feeling never good enough. But I've also had seasons of incredible joy and prosperity! Through it all, I've found a peace, strength and confidence that I desire to share with other women. 

At the heart of it all is my faith - the source of my strength and peace and joy. Christianity may be something that turns you off - at least it did to me for 21 years. But at my lowest low, I realized that I just couldn't do it all. I couldn't fake it until I made it anymore, I couldn't smile through the heartache, I couldn't feel like enough. But then I found Jesus, as cheesy at that sounds, and I realized that He wanted to carry all my burdens for me. If you want to read more about how (and why) I became a Christian, I have a blog post coming soon! 

And so here I am, on the journey of motherhood and pursuing God in the every day little moments. More often than not, I feel exhausted, defeated, and a shell of who I once was - but with God I find HOPE - a hope that this isn't all for nothing, that the hard days having meaning, and that through Jesus I can not just survive, but actually thrive, in this season. 

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