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New Home - More to Protect

This post was made in collaboration with Life Happens. All opinions, images and content are my own.

If these last two years have taught all of us anything… it’s that we really can’t control or anticipate what curve balls life will throw at us.

In our own family, we’ve experienced some of our lowest lows… job loss, needing to defer our mortgage, being alone and isolated, grieving as our family lost their father, husband, grandmother, mother…

And now, it feels like we’ve finally come back up for air. We picked up and moved across the country, bought our forever home, got settled in our new careers… and for the first time in over two years, I feel like I can exhale.

As we settle in, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for how much I have to be thankful for - and how many blessings I have that I want to protect.

Nearly a decade ago, I worked for an insurance agency and bought some small life insurance policies - just enough to cover the basics. In the time since, my life has grown - four more kids, our forever home, car payments and college savings funds. And as our life has adjusted, one thing we know is important is re-evaluating life insurance.

There are so many questions to ask - how much life insurance do we need? What kind of life insurance should we get? Do we want life insurance to just cover the basics in case of an emergency? Do we want our life insurance to pay out no matter what?

To start the conversation and get our questions answered, we’re using Life Happens as a resource - we love that it’s a non-profit, unbiased resource to learn about life insurance without feeling pressured. We’re using this calculator tool to give us an idea of how much more life insurance we need to protect our family.

Stay tuned - we’re just starting this conversation, and as we learn more, we’ll share what we’ve learned and what we’ve decided is the best coverage for our family! All we know is this -everyone needs life insurance, especially parents like us! Having the peace of mind that no matter what life throws at us, our family will be protected financially, allows me to keep exhaling and just enjoy this life we’ve built.

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