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2020 Gift Guide

What a year. We’ve all had a hard year, each and every one of us in our own way. I’ve never looked forward to the holidays more than I have this year!

I always love shopping small - but this year I’m committed more than usual to shopping small or directly from businesses instead of through Amazon as much as possible because I want to use my spending power to support individuals. I also am looking at WHO I’m shopping from, and making sure I do my part to be diverse and have representation in the shops I support! My friend Andi put together an incredible guide to 100 Black owned businesses to shop from this holiday season, and you can see that HERE! We have the privilege of having spending power, and this year there are small business owners who have been seriously impacted by the world’s current events, and we can support them immensely this holiday season!

Not everything I get will be from a small shop… for my older boys, for example, the things they want (Ninja toys, Minecraft, etc) just aren't in a small boutique, and that's okay! We all do the best we can with what we’re working with!

We can be intentional with our shopping this year, both with who we support and what we give. I’m a huge fan of open ended play toys, and that has been confirmed this year being stuck (and safe) at home. When my kids have a plastic toy that is meant to be played with one way, they’re bored within minutes. But a set of great wooden blocks will last them HOURS (literally, hours) of play!

At the same time, I believe its important to manage our own budget and not get carried away (which I’m SO guilty of!). Going into Christmas shopping with a plan and budget always helps me! It also helps set a tone for our kids that less is more - and it pushes me to be creativity and extra thoughtful and intentional with what we get them! This year we’re committed to sticking to getting our kids:

Something they want

Something they need

Something to wear

Something to read

And then fun little things to pack in their stockings and advent calendar! For these two categories, I love to have a variety of price points!

I'll be sharing lots of options for each age category, along with easy links for you to shop!



Babies don’t want much yet! So I go for quality toys that are developmentally appropriate and will provide open ended play! I've seen such an incredible difference in "Montessori Style" toys for my kids with how much longer they hold attention and how much more creative they are when playing!



  • @shopallenrose has a perfectly curated collection of clothing brands! From Jamie Kay’s sweet tutu’s, to darling items from Little Cotton Clothes or timeless favorites from Fin and Vince, there’s something for any baby on your list!

  • @quincymae is another favorite for baby clothes!

  • Bonnets from @briarbaby

  • @sollybaby sleepers are a favorite in our house - we’re getting a couple sets in the next size up for our baby for his stocking!







  • @shopallenrose has a perfectly curated collection of clothing brands! From Jamie Kay’s sweet tutu’s, to darling items from Little Cotton Clothes or timeless favorites from Fin and Vince, there’s something for any kid on your list!




For my older kids, its more based off of their Christmas Lists! But here's some ideas!


  • Special Lego Sets

  • Ninja Outfit

  • Electric Scooter

  • Socker Boppers


  • Art supplies

  • Kid's Watch

  • Helmet


  • Character pajamas

  • Shirt with their favorite character (Jurassic Park, etc)


  • Books from @shopbitte are thought provoking and great for school aged kids!

  • Books based on their interests to make reading fun!


  • Fun socks

  • Sticky hands

  • Hot Cocoa Bombs

  • Colored Pencils

  • DVDs for the car

  • Playing cards

  • Dice

  • New toothbrush

  • Play doh


Let's be real, we all love shopping for our own little gifts! Here are some favorites to treat yourself, or to get for a friend! Here's some of my personal favorites!

Gift giving should be FUN - if it feels stressful or there's pressure to buy more, take a break! Remember that this holiday isn't about gifts - and the best gift your children need is laughing and snuggling with you on Christmas morning!

Here are some quick and easy visual guides to save and share!

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