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Big Game Snacks!

This post is sponsored by Goldfish®, Kettle Brand®, Lance®, Late July®, and Snyder’s of Hanover®, all opinions are my own.

Let's be real, the best parts about watching the Big Game are being with people you love and THE FOOD! But we don't need a large gathering to enjoy the game - just each other (okay, and our favorite snacks!).

With five kids and both parents working, finding time to slow down and be together can be challenging! So we do our best to find easy, little moments that we can make BIG! We save time by using Walmart's online shopping with delivery or pick-up! We ordered all of our favorite snacks and they were delivered with time to spare! It's like I snapped my fingers and the snacks appeared!

We got this easy snack tray from Walmart too - its perfect to have a variety of snacks available as a buffet without taking up too much space! The kids love having lots of options, and they think it's so fun to have "snack game", as they like to call it!!

My kids may not know the difference between a goal or a touchdown - but they do know how eat snacks and cheer the athletes on! When we look back on this season we may not remember who won or lost, but we will remember laughing together and snacking together!

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