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Dreamcloud Mattress Review

In January we partnered with Dreamcloud and got a King Size mattress, and we wanted to have it for half a year before we formally reviewed it! I've received lots of questions and messages about what we think, so here is our honest review!


We were shocked with how easy it was to set up this mattress! It was definitely heavy, but came rolled up and weather-protected. I appreciated that the mattress came with a special bag opener to help you open the plastic wrapping around the mattress without risk of cutting into it!

Here's how easy it was to set-up...we did it with all four kids, and one was even in a sling!


For the quality of the mattress, the price is unbeatable!

The regular prices are as follows:

Twin: $799

Twin XL: $999

Full: $1,199

Queen: $1,399

King: $1,499

Cal King: $1,499

BUT, today there is a Labor Day Sale where you get $200 off any mattress!


The most important part - how comfortable is it?

The mattress was more firm than the mattresses we'd previously had - but after using it for a week, we already were waking up without neck/upper-back aches and felt more rested. It's firm without compromise cuddle comfort, and I never have a hard time settling in for bed.

The bounce in the mattress is perfect - my husband and I don't feel each other rolling around, but our kids can still have a great time on the mattress!


The customer support you receive with Dreamcloud is amazing! From free shipping to a lifetime warranty, here's some of the perks of the company directly from their website:

365 Night Trial: Mattresses feel different in different seasons, and so Dreamcloud allows you 365 to use the mattress to decide if its right for you! If you don't love it, they'll pick it up and refund you! This is the best risk free trial I've seen!

Everlong Warranty: a guaranteed, lifetime warranty!

Fast and free shipping!


Flash forward seven month later, and we're still loving our Dreamcloud mattress! The only downside is, now when we travel, our hotels never feel as comfortable as the mattress waiting for us at home!


Be sure to jump on the $200 off sale going on today! This is an amazing value for a mattress that is literally guaranteed to last you a lifetime!

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