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New Year's Goals Worth Setting

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Alright 2019, LET'S DO THIS!

This blog will feature some tangible ways to make goals and intentions worth setting and capable of keeping, and I'll be sharing my intentions for 2019, too! I hope to hear what YOUR intentions are!

This year, I decided to pick a word for the year, as well as a tangible action to help me live it out day-to-day. Often times we create a goal or set an intention or pick a word, but we don’t make it tangible for how we will see it play out in our year!

I also created some fun and easy goal-setting worksheets that you can download for FREE! But more on that later ;)


Before we get to intentions and goal setting, my favorite way to move forward in a new year with intention and direction is to look back. For me, its most effective to be honest with where I’m coming from so that I can plan out where I’m going. For example, I can look back on 2018 and see that some big things I was lacking were consistency and structure. It is in knowing the areas we need to improve on that we can best plan for how we need to get OUT of that routine and get TO where we want to be.

So what did your 2018 look like?

For me, when I boil down the struggles I had, I see at the core of that is my self-worth, and therefore a lack of self-care. When we don’t feel good enough, our self-care goes down. We fill our time scrambling to do it all, be it all, accomplish it all. And this more often than not results in us feeling worse rather than feeling good enough.

Whether you’re a mama or a professional or a student - you have an endless list of things to do and perceived standards to live up to. And so instead of taking care of who we already are, we’re stuck in a rat race trying to be someone else. This struggle of not being enough, of believing we need to do more and be more to be worthy, weighs us down and keeps us from experiencing joy and peace in our life.


So for 2019, my intention is in the word fulfilled.

Fulfilled means to be complete, to be enough. It means to be satisfied - to be delighted.

I want to feel fulfilled in who God created me to be, and to be satisfied in exactly where He has placed me. I want to believe that I am enough, not because of my accomplishments but because of my identity in Christ. I want to live in a way that is confident in the truth that God delights in me. I want to be so fulfilled, so complete, that I can delight in the life I have been given.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10

We were meant to have life to the fullest, and this year, I’m claiming over myself and my family!

To live this out with action, my focus practice is self-care.

By fall of 2018, I was so run down. I was adding on more projects without taking anything off my plate. I was volunteering and working part time and pouring more into my personal endeavors… and somehow I was still being a full-time mom and investing in my marriage. With so much to do, self-care just felt selfish.

But here’s the thing - self-care isn’t selfish. Self-care is an act of affirming your self-worth.

Being “good enough” is doing what we can and having the assurance that it’s enough. When our self-worth is no longer tied to what we do and where we are in life, but instead tied to Who created us and How He loves us, we are free from the scramble to do and be more and can instead delight in what we already have.

So this year, I’ll be highlighting lots of ways to practice self-care in your daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Be sure to follow me here on Instagram for fun giveaways and to share how you're practicing self-care this year!


Start by downloading my FREE Goals and Intentions Worksheets!

Jot down some ideas - what would self-care look like for you? Use the worksheet to map out tangible ways you can care for yourself daily, weekly, and even plan out bigger events throughout the year!

Here's what mine looks like! I'm posting this here because we need to hold each other accountable! So I'll be sharing the highs and lows of self-care, and I hope you come along on this journey!

To download the FREE worksheets for yourself, simply enter your email HERE!

I'm so excited to start applying these practices to my lifestyle - from the daily habits, like drinking more water, to planning out bigger self-care opportunities like visiting my best friend in San Diego, I feel set up for success to feel like I'm making progress with my 2019 Goals!

Be sure to share with me how you like the worksheets, and what you'd like to see added!



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1 Comment

Jan 04, 2019

Carolina I love the worksheets they are simple and straightforward and make it easy to really think through areas that I need to work on with intention and not just in my head! So very true that a goal, without tangible plans is just a wish. I do need to add self-care to my 2019 as well as more time with prayer and devotion. Thank you for sharing these worksheets with us.

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