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HelloFresh: A Quick Review!

Hello Fresh recently reached out and sent me a Family Plan of their meal service for one week to share with my followers on Instagram! That being said, this review is NOT a part of our partnership and is not sponsored in any way.

I’ll keep it simple - Hello Fresh, is it worth it?

In my experience, YES.

  • The food is actually FRESH. High quality meats and fresh produce, all in quantities that worked for my family! The Family Plan is meant for 4 people, but was enough to feed my family of 2 adults and 4 kids (who asked for second helpings)

  • It helped me mix things up. I get into a groove - I pick the same dozen or so recipes that I rotate, because no one complains about them and I have all the ingredients already. I loved that Hello Fresh sent things that I wouldn't normally do (like jalapeño lime sour crema for tacos) because of the extra time and ingredients. But when it was right there in front of me, I used those extra ingredients and I felt like instead of regular home cooked food, we had fun, different recipes we’d expect from a restaurant!

  • It’s so easy - The recipes are easy, getting meals all separated and bagged individually makes cooking so much easier, and ordering is even easy! I loved just grabbing a bag and knowing everything I need is ready to go, in the portions I need. As a working mom of 4, having three less dinners to plan for a week is SO WORTH IT!

  • It’s family friendly - my kids not only loved helping me with all the ingredients, but they’ve LOVED all the dinners so far! The meals are easy to customize to make spicer or more mild for kids, and they're fun and healthy to eat! My kids ALL asked for second helpings!

  • The cost is reasonable - in all honesty, when I consider how often we eat out because we “want something different”, or how much I spend on groceries anyways, the $7.49 per serving for the quality of food is absolutely worth it! The menu options always change too, so its not like other services I’ve used where you're stuck with the same few options. So far, I haven't had a recipe my family didn't love!

HelloFresh was kind enough to give me a code for 6 free meals that I’m able to share with all of you! Just click the link below and enter my code to get your free meals!



Let me know when you try it! Tag me in your stories, I’d love to see what you and your family cooked up!

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