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How to "do it all"

We live in a world that glorifies busy, that elevates women who “do it all”. And that was before 2020 - now more than ever, a heavy weight falls on so many women. With schools shut down, distance learning and homeschooling are weights that have fallen on women. If you’re like me and you also work, that means you’ve either had to step back form your career or you’re trying to do it all.

I’m trying to do it all without any help. No family bubble to care for my children, because we’re trying to do our part and be safe. No moments of silence, no hours dedicated to my work or my self-care. I am constantly, all day, juggling work emails, client calls, making pbj sandwiches, getting more snacks, scolding kids to be quiet, IT Zoom support, homeschooling, preschool activity coordinating… and then add breastfeeding a newborn to that list! That doesn’t even touch on the CHORES. The dishes, the laundry, the dust bunnies and crumbs… with all of us home, all the time, there’s even more cleaning to do than ever before.

And so how do I do it all?

I don’t.

I’ve let go of so much. My 1st grader isn’t doing school - I just can’t, and there’s no support for parents who don’t have the resources to manage distance learning. My laundry? They live in baskets. Dishes? Pile up all day and delegated to my husband (yes, ALL of them). Vacuuming? Invested in a great Robot Vacuum because I literally don’t have time to sweep and vacuum 24/7 like I’d need to in order to keep up with 5 kids!

Our Samsung PowerBot is quiet, powerful, and intuitive! It’s set to self-clean and self-charge, and it’s intelligent design enables it to clean even the most awkward corners.

Mothers have been forgotten this year - the weight so many of us are carrying is just too much. We were meant to have a village, meant to have breaks, meant to be able to separate our careers from the time we dedicate to our kids. But for now, this is the season we’re in - and I refuse to “do it all”. It’s okay to let things go, and its okay to delegate chores and invest in tools that will help you!

So what am I doing now? I’m going to leave the clean laundry in the baskets unfolded, I’m going to put my feet up, drink another (reheated) cup of coffee, and watch The Crown while my Samsung PowerBot "does it all" for me!

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