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The Best Diaper Brand in 2020

Five kids in and I’ve changed many, many, MANY diapers. I’ve tried plenty of brands, too, from Costco diapers to Pampers to Honest Diapers. I’ve dealt with leaks and blow outs and brands not being fully transparent about how “clean” they are (or are not). We finally found a diaper brand we love - and this is NOT sponsored in any way!

When we switched to Parasol Co diapers, I was so relieved to find a diaper brand that checked everything off my list:

  • Chemical free

  • Breathable

  • Subscription based

  • Plant based

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Moisture wicking

A diaper covers a baby’s most delicate body part, and is on a baby 24/7 - what product you use is very important! And while I’m not a cloth diapering mom, I do want to do my best to be considerate with our carbon footprint. Parasol diapers take care of your baby and the planet all at once, without sacrificing quality and durability.

If you look closely, you can see what would've been a blow out in any other diaper I've used! But Parasol Co keeps everything in!

I’ve tried other brands of “clean” diapers that always leaked - we’ve been using Parasol Co diapers on our toddler daughter for 6 months now and our new baby for a month, and we haven’t had a single leak, blow out, or diaper rash!

Parasol Co diapers are also truly breathable. It’s a common misconception that all diapers are - it's actually hard in the US to find other brands that are actually breathable. A diaper that is breathable will release odor when its full - most people think that’s NOT a good thing, but in reality, we should be signaled to our baby’s soiled diaper and we want their skin to be aired out. Parasol diapers manage to be the most breathable diapers on the market all while maintaining their quality of leak protection. You can read more about breathability HERE!

Surprisingly so, Parasol diapers aren’t more expensive than their competitors! A VIP Membership Box is $84, which is about a month’s supply. The subscription includes:

✓ Customize Delivery (so you can do any amount of time in between deliveries)

✓ Cancel Any Time

✓ Free Shipping

✓ Save 45% with VIP Membership Box

✓ Free Baby Wipes, 240 ct ($19 Value)

✓ Share Free Friend Gifts ($32 Value)

✓ Save 20% Plus on All Products

✓ Apply Extra Discounts

✓ No Annual Membership Fee

✓ Lifetime Membership

✓ Lowest Price

Bottom line: having something SOFT, breathable, chemical free and sustainable on your baby’s new skin all day is a top priority, and Parasol Co meets and exceeds all diaper must-haves!

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